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Sunflower Health Shop & Services

Sunflower Health is a sole proprietorship with three front, customer service personnel who manage the day to day operations. Our treatment room team consists of two reflexologists, a Cranio-Sacral therapist, a Reiki Master (who does detox cleanses), a registered massage therapist (who incorporates lymphatic drainage) and a Live and Dried Blood Cell Microscopist. Collectively, we work together as a team to assist our clientele to reach their ultimate health and wellness goals.

We endorse a dozen family run local businesses and carry over 2500 products, organic foods, healthcare supplements and skincare product lines.

Our eco conscious, reusable KD clothes are chemical free and clean virtually every surface and only require a small amount of water. We carry chemical and lead-free lipsticks and nail polishes. We stock chemical and anti-biotic free meats, locally produced, raw unpasteurized honey and sauerkrauts from the county and many more organic and natural, locally produced foods. Our gluten free food selections are second to none in the area and our freezers and refrigerators are stocked with a wide selection and variety of foods and goods of any type of food intolerances and allergies. Clients do not have to leave the area to obtain all their health needs because we are a one stop shop.

At Sunflower, we promote healthy choices, less chemicals, less toxins, a healthier body and we support local to keep our community healthy.