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STRATEnerGY provides equipment for those who are interested in off grid living or living independently in an isolated environment, as comfortably and safely as possible. Our off grid designer works with you, keeping in mind your present needs, future plans and budget.

We source all our products from North American manufacturers and distributors that have a long history of substantial North American presence and a sustainable warranty program. We make sure the equipment we sell you is the best on the market for the best price and warranty.

In addition to initial system equipment we also carry off grid appliances from an Ontario company, night vision equipment and laser rangefinders from a Canadian company, ecologically friendly cleaning products from Nature Clean, Kelly Kettles which need no fossil fuels, All American Sun Ovens made in USA, organic grains & seeds from a Canadian company, long shelf-life dehydrated foods grown & processed in the USA, and customized first aid kits.